BICAS: New Location, Same Activist Bike Shop

bicasIf you’ve been to BICAS, you know it’s a place like no other. My family and I have been regulars at BICAS for years. I can’t remember owning a bike that wasn’t from there. Their old location offered the sense of a secret, underground bike trade. The led lights and concrete floors are a constant at the new one as well, but, to me, at least, it seems like it’s had a personality makeover. Everything there is very slightly more modern, almost unnoticeable upgrades that may not come to the eye if one is not familiar with the abandoned location. The new BICAS is a slight upgrade, both in space and organization, but it manages to maintain that same artsy-underground-hipster vibe.

Walking into BICAS, you’re greeted by a warehouse of bike parts, rows upon rows of wheels and spokes, a turning green spiral filled with nuts and bolts and other random pieces of metal that no amateur is sure what to do with. Finished bikes take up a section of the shop in jumbled rows while in another, bikes are mounted onto display stands complete with price tags, begging ‘Pick me! Pick me!’. In one corner of the shop, you can find the community work area. In my opinion, this is the most useful of all. more (BICAS)..

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