Standing up for Local Control : Thank you Kozachik and City Council

Dear Mayor Rothschild, Council member Steve Kozachik and the Tucson City Council:Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 2.00.47 PM

Thank you for standing up for our right to decide here in Tucson how to run our town. Thank you for not letting the state tell my local police department that they have to put semi-automatic weapons back on the streets in my town, where my kids are on the street.

The idea that someone who doesn’t live here, can force the local police to go against their better judgement of how to keep our town safe, is anathema to me.

Standing up to bullies is the right thing to do.

SB 1487 is a club to bully local communities to roll over and abandon local control by the will of the people who live here. I am furious with Rep Finchem and Gov Ducey for trying to strongarm my community and endanger my kids. And yes, I read Tom Stellar’s excellent article about why it doesn’t matter much either way, but I think it does. Empowering our police dept to keep us safe and making sure policies are under the control of a locally elected government does make me feel safer.

Thanks to Ken Strobeck and Mike Rankin for fighting the good fight. I, for one, am with you.

–Golda Velez
Native Tucsonan, mom and taxpayer.

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