bTucson coming back is meant to be a community site, a place for local news and discussions, where you can look up a business and also find out what nonprofits it supports, or follow a thread about a local school project.  Its meant to strengthen the network of people, organizations and businesses that make up our community and celebrate our local treasures.  Plus a little hard hitting journalism, or just first hand reports where honesty and forthrightness are encouraged – though not trolling or namecalling.  Honest and open communication makes us stronger too.

Its not all that yet.

bTucson has been around for many years, originally as back in 1996.  For the last three years or so its languished through server moves and lack of maintenance.    Its back now, and will be adding features here gradually over the next several months.

The first step is writing articles, about our city and the folks in it.  If you’d like to be published here, and you’re a Tucson resident with something to say, just let me know.  And if you’ve been waiting to update your business listing, I’ll be emailing you back in the couple of weeks with a new login.


Thanks for reading,

Golda Velez

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