Open Letter: Sen Flake, please tell Duterte its not ok to kill people

Protestors in NY picket the Philippines embassySent this open letter to Flake’s office:

I’m sure you’re aware, Pres Duterte of the Philippines has a policy of fighting drugs more or less by mass murder, which seems to include drug dealers, poor people, and a few journalists who criticized him.

Trump just wished Duterte ‘success’ which then enabled Duterte put to out a public statement saying “he [Trump] said that … we are doing it as a sovereign nation, the right way”

In the same way that Assad followed Trump’s implicit permission with chemical gassing of civilians, Duterte may follow this implicit permission with increased murders.

If Sen Flake speaks out strongly against murdering civilians, that may literally save lives. It would send a message to Duterte that he does NOT have carte blanche to kill people.

Can you tell me if there is any statement Flake is planning to make, or sign onto, in this regard?

Thank you

–Golda Velez

ps I am going to post a copy of this as an open letter and unless you ask me not to, I would like to post your reply as I feel this should be a public conversation. Thank you again.

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